Coffee, Prayer & Fulton Sheen

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I am a big fan of the Servant of God Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, one of the 20th century’s most cogent and successful communicators on both the Gospel and the human condition.  He further endears himself to me by what he say about prayer and coffee.  The context is his excellent little book “The Priest is Not His Own,” and the chapter is on “How to Make the Holy Hour.”  After encouraging the priest to make a Holy Hour  of prayer BEFORE his morning Mass, the good Archbishop advises an early cup of the dark brew.  Continuing, he asserts:

“The average American is physically, biologically, psychologically & neurologically unable to do anything worthwhile before he has a cup of coffee! And that goes for prayer too.  Even sisters in convents whose rules were written before electric percolators were developed, would do well to update their procedures.  LET THEM HAVE COFFEE BEFORE MEDITATION.”
Add to his voice, the wisdom of the prophets and the comfort of the Psalms:
 ”Awake, awake! Rise up, O Jerusalem, you who have drunk to the last drop, the Lord’s cup”  - Isa 51:17
“You prepare a table before me…my cup runneth over.” – Ps 23:5
Finally, Rev. 3:15-16 makes it clear: our Lord likes his coffee either iced or pipping hot!

2 Responses to “Coffee, Prayer & Fulton Sheen”

  1. Bob Dasch says:

    Thank you for the Lenten Mission in March at St. Patrick in Largo, Fl. I was a follower of Bishop Sheen through his talks on tv and when he was Bishop of Rochester, NY. Still have some material and cd’s.

  2. As somebody with a wee-hours-of-the-morning perpetual adoration time every week, I heartily agree.


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